The idea of the food-stealing and rock loving raccoon originated in 2017 when Betty was searching like-minded people who would share the love of destroying munchies and playing highly melodic fluff metal. The band’s home, the lovely magical wood of Fluff, lies in the city of Thessaloniki, Greece.

Is this haze truly real?
Or is it just a foolish lie?.

After solidifying the material, Betty along with guitarist Peggy, bassist Calliope and drummer Koky entered the studio in October 2018 when they started recording what would later become the first part of their first album called “Between Mud and Sunshine”. The album was released on December 5th, 2019. It was the very same day that the band held a release party which had all the crowd delighted not only by their music and energetic performance but by the fact that the event had some delicious food for everyone who attended or passed by.

All the games you play…
…count me out.

The first album part, named Sunshine, turned several people’s heads with its dense mixture of heavy driven guitars, utterly melodic vocals and rock-solid rhythm section while at the same time they managed to make some loyal fans.

In 2020 the band is preparing their second part of “Between Mud and Sunshine” called “Mud”. On March 2021 they release their music video for the song “5am” which will be included in “Mud”

In 2021 the band plans on finishing the recording of the second part of “Between Mud & Sunshine” and also there are plans for as many shows as possible.

The sun shines for everyone…
…but under your sun it’s still dark.

In 2022 the recording/mixing and mastering of “Between Mud & Sunshine” Part #2 is finished and the band is organizing their autumn live shows and releases.