The story behind ‘Between Mud & Sunshine’

Between Mud & Sunshine is the band’s first full double record album that its release was split in two parts. The first part, ‘Sunshine’, was released on December 5th 2019 and the initial plan was for the second part, ‘Mud’ to be released during 2020. Long story short the release was delayed and the first attempt for the people to experience what ‘Mud’ is all about was with the single 5am that was released on March 5th 2021.

As a consequence it wasn’t very understandable as to what the goal of this album was. What follows is an attempt to make clear what ‘Between Mud & Sunshine’ is all about and why although it features two different styles it was meant to be one complete fascinating story.

Sweet tranquility…
…all the games you play…

The beginning

The first song that was ever written for the record was Shiver. It has a punky feeling to it with a lot of metal influenced riffs and strictly clean melodic vocals. Betty who was doing the majority of the writing at that point decided that she will combine two of her favorite things in the first album. Heavy riffs and melodic vocals. Add to that the optimistic side of her which sprinkled ‘Sunshine’ with an up-tempo.

Although Betty loves the likes of Offspring, Sum41, Rise Against, Story of the year etc she grew up listening to Iron Maiden, Metallica, Pantera and later on got into more modern stuff like Slipknot, System of a down, Trivium and Bullet for my Valentine. So along with the uplifting songs she wanted to write and play some heavier stuff that people will argue that didn’t necessarily fit all together.

And then it clicked…

I wish all my madness…
…comes together for a change.

The dilemma

Betty couldn’t make up her mind about the stylistic direction. Uplifting punky heavy rock songs or hard hitting metal with vulnerable vocals?

Why not both?

Betty wanted both styles so she decided to separate them into two records and offer the people a choice between them. She kept writing songs for both parts and in the end the uplifting part will be ‘Sunshine’ and the heavy part will be ‘Mud’. All packaged in a nice record that pretty much describes what real life is with its ups and downs. Do you like to be uplifted? You get ‘Sunshine? Do you want to be electrified emotionally? You get ‘Mud’.

Calliope the hedgehog

The sun shines for everyone…
…but under your sun it’s still dark.

Peggy the Llama

The question of band’s style?

The main question at that point was what will be the answer to ‘What music do you play?’ Is it metal? Is it alternative? Is it heavy punk? Shouldn’t the band stick to a style? To an musical identity?

Betty wanted to give people a choice between the two while at the same time playing all the styles she and her friends enjoy. Later on when Calliope, Peggy and Koky came along, they heard the idea, they liked it and it was decided that this would be the band’s direction from now on.

Besides, it’s all rock ‘n’ roll after all.

She’s standing there…
…I am next to her.

Why ‘Between Mud & Sunshine’?

Between Mud & Sunshine is a double record that cycles between those two states in one’s mind and soul. They are meant to be listened to one after another as Sunshine’s end is Mud’s beginning and vice versa.

All the songs where written having that in mind and not being in separate records. They talk about the same thing from different perspectives and encapsulate a huge variety of musical and stylistic influences for every one to choose from and play on repeat the one they really like.

Koky The Giraffe