The Story

There is little to be desired when strolling in the woods of Fluff having your face gently hugged by the calm summer breeze. The city of Thessaniki offers many such woods and nature monuments but this very forest houses some rather unique snowflakes.

Ruthless Deception…
…fiction play!

Betty The Raccoon

Betty is undeniable leader and founder of the Fluff forest.

Her dream is to create a paradise place that will serve as a great community of critters that want to realize their dreams. Driven by a strong sense of leadership and compassion, she started searching for like minded critters as it was obvious this wasn’t a job for one fluff.

Screaming voices through the night…
…fighting demons, things are wild.

Luckily there were many fluffs that were sharing the same dream and vision Betty had and it wasn’t too long before the Fluff forest was flourishing and teeming with life.

Calliope the hedgehog

You nailed it…
…you got it…

Koky The Giraffe

As time went by the Thessa forest open its doors to twenty so far fluffy animals all so different with each other yet so closely attached, always giving a helping hand and evolve as a community.

You killed it!!

After several years the forest still has room to grow and is welcoming every one to join. If you feel like being part of the Fluff family just contact Betty. She will fill you in with pleasure!

Peggy the Llama