How to become a member

Welcome to the “Fluff” forest. We are delighted to know that you are interested in becoming a member of our “Fluff” community. The forest numbers at least 20 tenants right now and we are more than excited to have you onboard.

All you have to do is support our band by:

  1. Purchasing our T-shirt.
  2. Purchasing our very exclusive 3D Betty Figurine.

As a thank you we will design your own little animal with your own name. In addition you will get it in a format that can be used to print your own t-shirt with it. Lastly we will be giving you a shoutout every time we release any kind of new material.

We are looking forward to have you in our family.


Heroic breakthroughs…
…that all shine!!!

Fluff forest

You nailed it…
…you got it!!!