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Betty The Raccoon

Betty the Raccoon is the embodiment of all things fluff. The little raccoon after venturing through the world, playing music with many amazing people, decided it’s time she does her own thing. And along came the Fluff forest, blooming in a secret corner of the magical of the world that nobody knows yet but they are about to find out.

Between Mud & Sunshine lies paranoia…
…and food. Mostly food.

Betty is undeniable leader and founder of the Thessa forest.

Her dream is to create a paradise place that will serve as a great community of critters that want to realize their dreams. Driven by a strong sense of leadership and compassion, she started searching for like minded critters as it was obvious this wasn’t a job for one fluff.

Square one…
…do you see how it’s done?

Luckily there were many fluffs that were sharing the same dream and vision Betty had and it wasn’t too long before the Fluff forest was flourishing and teeming with life.

Critters like Peggy, Calliope, Koky, Sunshine and Jimmy stormed the forest with joy. Each one for its one reasons of course. Right Jimmy?