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Team Members / Page 2

Jimmy the Fox

Jimmy The Fox is Betty's arch nemesis. Or at least that's what he says. His one and only plan is to sabotage anything Betty does, in any conceivable and gruesome way. Let me ask you this question son... you have what it takes? Jimmy loves messing with Betty especially on social media or anywhere [...]

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Koky The Giraffe

Koky the Giraffe is the last one of the initial members of the forest. Betty needed someone that will get the word out about Fluff forest and make it known to the world. I am a little worse than my teacher... ...and a big fan of sugar. And along came Koky. As Fluff forest's first marketing director [...]

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Peggy The Llama

Peggy the Llama initially got confused and went to another forest. Luckily Betty was spying around and saw the llama with the fancy and sparkly shoes and thought..."We need you". The rhythm is one... I am 100% sober. Peggy is the first member of the forest that is a business man. She maintains a [...]

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Calliope The Hedgehog

Calliope the hedgehog was the first one that Betty invited to take part in the establishment of Fluff forest. Her organization skills proved very useful since the project appeared to be huge. Always cheerful and always happy to help, Calliope is the fluff to hang out on your blue days. Dark coffe with 2mg of [...]

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Betty The Raccoon

Betty the Raccoon is the embodiment of all things fluff. The little raccoon after venturing through the world, playing music with many amazing people, decided it's time she does her own thing. And along came the Fluff forest, blooming in a secret corner of the magical of the world that nobody knows yet but they [...]

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