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Team Members

Spielbee The Queen Bee

Spielbee The Queen Bee is the second bee that came to Fluff but please don't ever tell her that. As you understand she is the one and only and everyone should bow to her. Or maybe...Or maybe not. Remember how it was...? ...unlocking your potential... Spielbee doesn't offer much apart from being fabulous and worship 24/7. So [...]

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Cherry The Weasel

Cherry The Weasel came along to make sure that while it may be all fun and games in the forest, little critters won't be short of education. Cherry is a caring weasel and a delight to be around but if "out of your comfort zone" is not your thing better steer clear! It's been two [...]

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Mitch The Dolphin

In case you thought that Fluff Forest has about everything, here comes Mitch The Dolphin to prove you wrong. How about a swimming pool for all the wanna-be swimmers? Coach Mitch gets you covered. I am next to her...? ...unable to deliver... Mitch's dream is to train Fluff's tenants to become expert swimmers and maybe help [...]

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Pain The Teddybear

Alright! I know what you are all thinking. How can a sweet teddy bear be called Pain The Teddybear. Bear with us (pun indented). This guy will takes pains (see what we did here?) to make sure everyone is safe and sound and in good spirits. So next time you see Pain around just and [...]

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Pave The Wolf

Fluff forest wouldn't be fuzzy enough if it wasn't for the Food Connoisseur and forest's exclusive chef, Pave The Wolf. After getting scold by Brock, or spend an evening jamming with Betty and Jimmy the place to go isn't other than "La Maison du Pavé" There you can find the biggest probably selection of dishes [...]

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É Vapore

Ok this one might be a special flake. (Aren't they all?). É Vapore is mostly known as the guy that drinks milk with a little bit of his coffee. É Vapore is the forest's festivities engineer/craftsman. Every time there is a festivity in the forest, É Vapore handles the infrastructure and all the technical stuff. Only [...]

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Brock The Rooster

Brock The Rooster has being tasked to supervise the works and the development of the forest. Despite his strictness, Brock means well and he is always considerate and helpful. Go forth, go forth...? ...without a downtime... When Brock isn't working on a forest task he goes out in the wild and does photography. Countless moments of [...]

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Jordanno The Horse

If sprinkles and fairy dust had a name it would be Jordanno the Horse. This ball of positive energy stormed the forest and since then "sadness" is a forgotten word. He and Mojo are the go to when it comes to lifting spirits. Hodling back has been a pain..? ...time is nigh... Jordanno's big love [...]

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Mojo The Bee

Just like any bee in the forest, Mojo The Bee, is the definition of a selfless guy not missing the opportunity to help anyone in need. Everybody knows that when the days are blue, it's time to visit Mojo's Adventures Theme Park. Do I really win..? ...if we are both on the ground... Mojo has many [...]

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Sunshine the Panther

Sunshine is one of the earliest members of Fluff forest. Betty needed some place for the animals to listen to music and drink the occasional forest tea. Sunshine came to the rescue and agreed to open the Flulffhead Bar in the heart of the forest. Are you feeling down? ...oh sweet flashback... Sunshine has been [...]

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