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Peggy The Llama

Peggy the Llama initially got confused and went to another forest. Luckily Betty was spying around and saw the llama with the fancy and sparkly shoes and thought…”We need you”.

The rhythm is one…
…no I am 100% sober.

Peggy is the first member of the forest that is a business man. She maintains a music studio called ‘Universe Studio’ and decided to base it in the forest.

Every one got delighted as they realized they can learn and play music in the forest as well as form bands and organize music festivals which significantly contribute on the cultural side of Fluff forest. Peggy is always willing to participate in everyone’s music project with pleasure and she is always reliable when it comes to mentoring young aspired critters.

Peggy is an easy going lad that you can always trust your troubles or unwind talking about the universe and the stars while listening to smooth Jazz.