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Jimmy the Fox

Jimmy The Fox is Betty’s arch nemesis. Or at least that’s what he says. His one and only plan is to sabotage anything Betty does, in any conceivable and gruesome way.

Let me ask you this question son…
…do you have what it takes?

Jimmy loves messing with Betty especially on social media or anywhere else that other people can see the “truth”. He describes that as a favor to humanity as he basically things Betty is an evil being that sucks at anything she does.

Interestingly, Jimmy doesn’t really have problems with anyone else. If anything he is really helpful to other’s. Bonus points of course if that messes with Betty’s plans.

I win…
…but you don’t know why.

Other than that Jimmy doesn’t do much else apart from visiting Vrasidas’ pancake shop and hanging out with Liomides. They usually talk about how true music gave its place to trap and trashy pop and last but not least about how much Betty’s music sucks.

If there is one remotely useful thing that Jimmy does is “bad publicity is still publicity” and at this moment this is what Fluff forest kinda wants.