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É Vapore

Ok this one might be a special flake. (Aren’t they all?). É Vapore is mostly known as the guy that drinks milk with a little bit of coffee…in his coffee.

É Vapore is the forest’s festivities engineer/craftsman. Every time there is a festivity in the forest, É Vapore handles the infrastructure and all the technical stuff.

Only your ways…?
…but now you lie alone…

É Vapore works closely with Brock on almost every major event. Their latest achievement was the famous music festival, Raccoon Fest, which managed to gather almost 500 critters from different forests around the city.

É Vapore was responsible for everything that had to do with sound and visuals and after Betty’s band finished the show, É Vapore and Brock along with Sunshine and Mojo organized an amazing after show party!

Surviving the waves…
…lose those nails.

On his free time, É Vapore plays and records his own music whereas at night’s you can find him at Sunshine’s bar discussing their next big event with Brock.