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Mojo The Bee

Just like any bee in the forest, Mojo The Bee, is the definition of a selfless guy not missing the opportunity to help anyone in need. Everybody knows that when the days are blue, it’s time to visit Mojo’s Adventures Theme Park.

Do I really win..?
…if we are both on the ground…

Mojo has many talents. One of those is being an exceptional entertainer. He runs a theme park that is based on magic tricks combined with smalls shots of education about the world and its many, adventure worthy, places.

In addition Mojo happens to be quite the craftsman. The majority of the games and tricks are basically hand made by him. One of the activities he arranges is actually making magic trick games with other fluffy tenants.

Blessed are those…
…who are poor.

Mojo spends most of his free time in Sunshine’s bar with Betty discussing new activities, adventures and how much spaghetti is enough!