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Pain The Teddybear

Alright! I know what you are all thinking. How can a sweet teddy bear be called Pain The Teddybear. Bear with us (pun indented). This guy will takes pains (see what we did here?) to make sure everyone is safe and sound and in good spirits.

So next time you see Pain around just and say “Hi”. Also bring butter cookies with you.

It feels so great…?
…laughing at your game…

Pain is considered a highly intellectual fellow among the Fluff tenants. Usually you can find him hanging out at Pave’s “La Maison du Pavé” reading books and drinking Cappuccino.

Pain can seldom be seen at Sunshine’s bar drinking beers with Betty and Mitch, mostly because he is usually busy taking care of members of the forest that need help.

…until the sun grows dead.

Although Pain is always busy helping around he always find some time for himself which is building his very own bookshop in the center of the Fluff forest.