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Jordanno The Horse

If sprinkles and fairy dust had a name it would be Jordanno the Horse. This ball of positive energy stormed the forest and since then “sadness” is a forgotten word. He and Mojo are the go to when it comes to lifting spirits.

Hodling back has been a pain..?
…time is nigh…

Jordanno’s big love is basketball. As of now he is working with several other critters to complete the construction of a basketball court as well as a local forest basketball team with him of course as coach.

Furthermore Jordanno is a very talented photographer and he occasionally strolls the forest with Sunshine and they both take the craziest of pictures.

Laughing at your game…
…yet you stay immensely blind.

Jordanno’s hanging out place is, unsurprisingly enough, Sunshine’s bar while discussing with Vrasidas basketball strategies and tactics.