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Spielbee The Queen Bee

Spielbee The Queen Bee is the second bee that came to Fluff but please don’t ever tell her that. As you understand she is the one and only and everyone should bow to her. Or maybe…Or maybe not.

Remember how it was…?
…unlocking your potential…

Spielbee doesn’t offer much apart from being fabulous and worship 24/7. So what does she do in Fluff and why everybody else end up loving her? Well it so happens that Spielbee is a psychologist without even realizing it. Her carefree attitude inspires the critters to do the same when they have needless worries or are fully stressed. Don’t get me wrong she is not a bad person. Just fabulous.

An outbreak…

Spielbee, to no one’s surprise, seems to enjoy playing and listening to music. And what better place to do that and have heated arguments with Betty, Peggy and Brock? Sunshine’s Music Bar.