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Pave The Wolf

Fluff forest wouldn’t be fuzzy enough if it wasn’t for the Food Connoisseur and forest’s exclusive chef, Pave The Wolf. After getting scold by Brock, or spend an evening jamming with Betty and Jimmy the place to go isn’t other than “La Maison du Pavé”

There you can find the biggest probably selection of dishes that actually are all top notch quality!

Go forth, go forth…?
…without a downtime…

Pave spends most of his time at “La Maison du Pavé” perfecting recipes or goes foraging for the best forest ingredients. Additionally he has a small farm nearby for all the common veggie needs.

Pave specialty is called “Crêpes Suzette de Pavé”. You can eat them savory or sweet or even by themselves.

Stubbed to death…
…yet you are back again.

On his free time, Pave goes around in search for other restaurants with the sole goal of trying new stuff, get inspired and bring back ideas in the Fluff forest.